cosmic colors | Alex Gunia – Atelier 720

The musician, producer and visual artist Alex Gunia gives an insight into his music and painting. The occasion is the new album entitled hell 1981. After over ten years of free improvisation, he has produced an instrumental concept album in his Cologne studio, which is published on his newly founded label hello cosmic recordings. In the course of the film, one also gets an insight into the formation of Alex Gunia’s large-format, abstract oil paintings.

NOISER! promo video 2015

Kristoffer Lislegaard and myself are playing together for years now. He was a driving force during 300 acting spaces and his musical work is always a big inspiration for me. One of my favorite musicians.

Ultima Festival, Oslo 2012

This is a recording means a lot to me. Joachim is a hero from the 1970-ties, every note he plays is full of history, touchy. And it was such a pleasure to do this improvisation with the four guys that night. Thank you…

Joachim Roedelius – keyboards
Matthias Mainz – trumpet, electronics
Kristoffer Lislegaard – guitar, electronics
Alex Gunia – guitar, electronics

300 acting spaces 11.5.2012 / Oslo

Stian Balducci and me jamming on the couch. Almost full hour, all improvised.

Musiklabor Köln
solo – solo

Promotion Video für Albrechts Maurers Konzertreihe hier in Köln.

Albrecht Maurer (solo) – Geige
Alex Gunia (solo, remix) – Gitarre, Elektronik