300 acting spaces (artistic research project, Oslo 2012)

300 acting spaces dealt with the installation of especially designed underground performance laboratories for electronic and elctro-acoustic music located in Oslo in 2012. Plan was to do the same in Berlin, New York, Beijing and Tokyo during the years 2013 until 2015. Together with national and local artists, facilities were used to go into an open, creative process of performing three hundred concerts. 300 acting spaces was mainly recognized as an open arena for modern musicians, but in addition to that, there was a constant interdisciplinary exchange with visual artists. After the first year in Oslo, the project was interupted due to contract cancellations of the main business partner. If there will be similiar activities based on the concept of 300 acting spaces is not clear at the moment. For now there is the memory of a exciting time of meeting mostle interesting, artful and intelligent people, who understood, that art can be a powerful weapon and strong tool for making the world a better place for all of us.

What is 300 acting spaces?

300 acting spaces was an open public, independent and non-commercial artistic research project initiated by the electronic musician Alex Gunia.

Here the youtube channel of 300 acting spaces: